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  • Do I have to pay.

    No, you do not have to pay to contact a mechanic. Some mechanics may charge to diagnose your repair. Be sure to ask the mechanic about the charge on the first contact call.

  • Where is my information going?

    Your information will only be shared with the mechanic of the form you filled out. No other mechanic will receive your information.

  • How long will it take for the mechanic to contact me.

    Mechanics listed on our website normally reply right away, but if not, we will text you the mechanic's contact number so you can contact the mechanic by phone call.

  • Am I obligated to use the mechanic once I submit a form?

    No, If for some reason you choose not to use the mechanic after you submit the form, just text the mechanic that you no longer need their services.

  • I really don't want a stranger at my house.

    Our listed mechanics have many years of experience with onsite repairs. Just like your plumber and ac repair and heating technicians, all our listed mechanics provides the same level of professionalism. Unlike AC and Heating technicians our listed repair mechanics have no need to enter your home or office.