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  • TX AUTO CARE – Mobile Mechanic & Roadside
Date :
Location : Roger's Tire & Repair Inc

Lite Services
• No Starts
• Coolant Systems
• Complete Computer Diagnostics
• Pre-Purchase Inspections
• Fuel System Services
• Drivability Problems
• Alternator Replacement
• Battery Replacement
• Brake Caliper Replacement
• Brake Pad Replacement
• Diagnostic Service
• Emissions Failure Repair
• Ignition Coil Replacement
• Oil and Filter Change
• Radiator Replacement
• Serpentine Belt Replacement
• Spark Plugs Replacement
• Starter Replacement
• Thermostat Replacement
• Timing Belt Replacement
• Transmission Fluid Change
• Electrical Repairs
• Tune-Ups
• Electrical Systems
• Air Conditioning Service




Rating & Reviews - (4.6)


Troy Walters, owner of Roger's Tire & Repair and employees have taken care of all my family vehicles for years now. I totally trust his judgment and he will be the first to tell us if a repair isn't really necessary at the moment. That kind of service makes me know he is a 'customer first' kind of repair shop. I don't feel he suggests expensive repairs unless they are absolutely necessary and I totally trust his judgment and expertise.

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