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  • Montes Auto Repair
Date :
Location : 415 E McGaffey St, Roswell, NM 88203, United States

Lite Services
• No Starts
• Coolant Systems
• Complete Computer Diagnostics
• Pre-Purchase Inspections
• Fuel System Services
• Drivability Problems
• Alternator Replacement
• Battery Replacement
• Brake Caliper Replacement
• Brake Pad Replacement
• Diagnostic Service
• Emissions Failure Repair
• Ignition Coil Replacement
• Oil and Filter Change
• Radiator Replacement
• Serpentine Belt Replacement
• Spark Plugs Replacement
• Starter Replacement
• Thermostat Replacement
• Timing Belt Replacement
• Transmission Fluid Change
• Electrical Repairs
• Tune-Ups
• Electrical Systems
• Air Conditioning Service




Rating & Reviews - (4.3)


My mother in law has used this place before. But doing some research to the SECOND time she took her car for the SAME issue we found he was not truthful in the least. Montez stated he found a used gas tank and was going to charge her only 300 for it. Work was put on hold so she could talk to my husband. (1st deceive) The place Montez called for the gas tank we checked both O'Reilly's and they never even had one in stock much less had a used one. (2nd deceive) Montez told my husband where the leak in the gas tank was. This was incorrect as well. (3rd) my husband and nephew pulled the tank and found that Montez never even dropped the tank to find out what the issue really was. SO, IF YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF FROM A LOCAL MECHANIC, MONTEZ IS YOUR MAN!!!! Shame on Montez for taking money and lying twice to an elderly woman for more money!!!!!!

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