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    Location : 14000 S Post Oak Rd #108, Houston, TX 77045, United States

    Lite Services
    • No Starts
    • Coolant Systems
    • Complete Computer Diagnostics
    • Pre-Purchase Inspections
    • Fuel System Services
    • Drivability Problems
    • Alternator Replacement
    • Battery Replacement
    • Brake Caliper Replacement
    • Brake Pad Replacement
    • Diagnostic Service
    • Emissions Failure Repair
    • Ignition Coil Replacement
    • Oil and Filter Change
    • Radiator Replacement
    • Serpentine Belt Replacement
    • Spark Plugs Replacement
    • Starter Replacement
    • Thermostat Replacement
    • Timing Belt Replacement
    • Transmission Fluid Change
    • Electrical Repairs
    • Tune-Ups
    • Electrical Systems
    • Air Conditioning Service



    Rating & Reviews - (3.8)


    Critical: Professionalism I am very sorry to post such a terrible review but I must warn other ladies...! It is always said that mechanics try to get over on women and that’s precisely what I feel this mechanic did! He came out to my home with another mechanic with him and they spent about 20-30 min doing a diagnostic on my truck. They came to the conclusion that I needed a new motor. I was crushed because I just bought the truck from someone 2 weeks prior. I had the spark plugs changed 2 days before this guy (never got his name) did his diagnostic and thank GOD I got a second opinion the very next day. The majority of the noise that was coming from my truck after the spark plugs were changed was found by the other mechanic to have been due to 2 hoses being replaced improperly. He found this within 5 minutes, put the hoses in their correct spots and made a few other notes and determined that a valve needed to be worked on but did not agree with the whole motor needing replacement. I texted this mechanic and informed him of the new mechanics diagnostic and he IMMEDIATELY offered a refund for his diagnostic without me even asking for one. Later on in that same day he made up policies that kept him from keeping his word and actually refunding me the $52 spent for him to do nothing but stress me out by saying my motor needed to be replaced. I was hoping to provide screenshots of the entire convo here but I don’t see the option to do so. Bottom line, ladies, please be careful when selecting a mobile mechanic—they do lie and steal! In response to mechanics response: You offered refund immediately and then hours after I accepted the offer for a refund you gave stipulations. I expressed not being comfortable with your stipulations and offered alternatives of which you refused. You did a poor diagnostic. Period. You did not determine that the hoses were misplaced and you expect someone to want you to touch their vehicle again to “see if the issue had been resolved”? As a business owner myself, here’s a tip, if you’re going to offer a refund with no intentions of actually refunding the customer...don’t offer the refund!

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